Costanza Papagno

Full Professor





C.P. has a 35 years experience in neuropsychological research and over 100 scientific publications. She has supervised over 100 undergraduate students, 10 PhD students and six graduate students specialising in neuropsychology, and she has also been a member of several Italian and foreign committees for the final PhD thesis. Currently She teaches neuropsychology and Psychobiology of behavioural disorders at the University of Milano-Bicocca. Her fields of interest are verbal short-term memory, amnesia, face and voice perception and recognition, proper name anomia, idiomatic language comprehension, and sensory deprivation (deaf and deafblind). Her favourite methodology is the study of neuropsychological patients, especially patients undergoing brain surgery, but She also performed neurophysiological studies. At present She is particularly involved in studying the anatomical substrates of voice recognition and tactile abilities in sensory deprivation. She is the Secretary/Treasurer of the Italian Neuropsychological Society and She serves on committees for the Cariparo, Netherlands Young Investigator (NWO), Israel Science Foundation, NIH/NIMGS, Medical Research Council, and ANR (Agence Nationale de Recherche). She engages widely with patient support groups and She is the President of the italian society for neuropsychology (SINP). Her scientific expertise has led to collaborations with neurosurgical departments, rehabilitation units and schools (foreign language learning). She is now leading as director the center for neurocognitive rehabilitation (CeRiN) of the University of Trento.



Sensory deprivation

Verbal short-term memory deficits

Neuropsychology in neurosurgical patients

Figurative language