eleonora arrigoni

PhD Student







Eleonora is a PhD student in Clinical Neuroscience at the School of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Milano-Bicocca. Her research project is aimed at investigating the cortical dynamics underpinning action preparation by means of TMS-EEG. In particular, the project aims to shed light on how network interactions during action preparation contribute to the specification of different features of behavioral performance.

She obtained her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology across the Lifespan in 2020 at the University of Milano-Bicocca, discussing a thesis investigating the electrophysiological spatio-temporal profile of cortical networks related to motor preparation by means of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Electroencephalography (TMS-EEG) co-registration.

Since 2018, she has been training under the supervision of Prof. Alberto Pisoni and Prof. Leonor J Romero Lauro with a focus on the application of non-invasive brain stimulation techniques as a tool to study cortical dynamics underlying sensorimotor and cognitive processing in healthy participants.

She has been developing her expertise in the use of TMS-EEG integrated system in different settings, namely during the execution of behavioural tasks or in combination with other non-invasive brain stimulation techniques, such as transcranial electrical stimulation.

In 2021, she completed her post-lauream internship at Villa Beretta Rehabilitation Hospital, Costa Masnaga (LC), where she received clinical training on neuropsychological evaluation and functional rehabilitation of patients with acquired brain injuries and neurodegenerative disorders.


Her research project aims at investigating the functional role of distributed networks during action preparation, focusing on both qualitative and quantitative aspects of inter-areal communication. In particular, the project will explore whether and how pre-movement network interactions in different frequency bands contribute to the specification of motor and cognitive features of the behavioural performance.


Arrigoni, E., Romero Lauro, L. J., Pisoni, A. Investigating the interaction between tACS aftereffects and cortical natural frequencies: a TMS-EEG study. Poster presentato a Transcranial Brain Stimulation in Cognitive Neuroscience Workshop, 3-4 Dicembre 2020.

Arrigoni, E., Pisoni, A., Bianco, V., Di Russo, F., & Romero Lauro, L. J. Functional features of the
Bereitschaftspotential: A TMS-EEG study on cortical excitability and connectivity of the SMA in Go/No-Go tasks. Poster presentato a NeuroMI 2020 Annual Meeting, 18 Dicembre 2020.

Arrigoni, E.: Beyond the Bereitschaftspotential: exploring SMA-related connectivity during action preparation. Presentazione orale a Cognitive Science Arena, Brixen (BZ), 18-19 Febbraio 2022.